Case Studies Case Studies 2 : Chronic Renal Failure

Case Studies 2 : Chronic Renal Failure

Any disease when detected early has a better chance to be cured completely! Because the end-organs are not attacked by the four for disease to cause degeneration and destruction. CRF, in the same manner, if deferred earlier and especially if dialysis is not performed yet, can be more easily cured by Homoeopathy. There are two major disadvantages of dialysis.

  1. Preparing arterio-venous shunt disturbs the anatomy of the body making that vein walls more rigid.
  2. The aluminium contaminating the water used to prepare the dialysis fluid also may accumulate in the body disturbing the natural physiological environment.

Hence when people come with recently detected C.R.F., I advise them to take Homoeopathic medicine before preparing the shunt. A 50 years man, with a rural politics background, came to me with symptoms of renal failure and prostate gland enlargement! His urea was 54 and creatinine 2.8 mg/dl. He was taking corticosteroids but the physician warned him that he may require dialysis in nearer future.

C / C :

  1. Early fatigue < Exertion since 2 months.
    Minimal swelling face < washing.
  2. Dragging pain lower abdomen.
    • < Urine before.
    • Unsatisfactory urine. (P.V. Residue – 100 CC)
    • Cramps calves < Standing.
  3. Unsatisfactory stools since 20 years.
    • Operated Haemorrhoids.

Past History :

  1. Scorpion bite repeated in childhood.
  2. Malaria - 20 years back.
  3. Tonscillectomy childhood.
  4. (Rt) eye injury - haematoma vision ↓↓

Family History :

  • Father: Repeated ear infections.
  • Brother: Death due to MI.


  • Slight small sized bil. kidneys. Enlarged prostate.
  • ↓ Cortico-medullary differentiation.
  • Post voidal urine 100 ml, bladder wall thickened.

Personal History

  • Appetite : Normal.
  • Desire : Astringent+++ / Sweets++/ Fried/ Milk / Sour/ Chilled H2O
  • Aversion : Not specific.
  • Food  : <  Pulses < Gaseous distension.
  • Thirst : Chilled H2O for ++.
  • Tongue : Pale fissured.
  • Perspiration : Normal, mild staining.
  • Stools : Offensive satisfactory.
  • Urine : Unsatisfactory – partial voiding.
    Dragging pain bladder > passing urine.
  • Sleep : > Open air, soft bed. Sound sleep.
  • Dreams : Absurd, processions.
  • Thermal : HOT. Heat < in every form.
  • Skin : Itching in groins.


I found him soft-spoken but with an air of egotism. He was a politician with good influence in his area. He seemed disturbed when he was not given special consideration by my assistants. I spoken some words to his grace for his work in politics and then he opened up.

  1. How is your Nature ?
    I can't bear laziness or delay in work. I scold all the persons under my supervision if they idle their time. I take part in many social events and had been a Sarpanch for 2 consecutive terms. I think we have come on earth to fulfill some purpose so we should strive hard.
  2. How was your Childhood ?
    I am the fourth son in 9 children family. I was from the childhood interested in Leadership and used to organize many functions. I was courageous and used to quarrel for other's purposes.
  3. What are your hobbies ?
    I like reading Historical Novels and also visiting historical places. I many a times plan to be an MLA so that I can visit international historical places. And I planning properly so that I will make my dream come true in coming years, people say kidney problem is dangerous but I laugh at their cowardice!
  4. How do you come in Politics ?
    During the emergency phase, I was involved in the rebelling party. Then I joined a political party which was sure to win! And get elected in local elections.
  5. Any sad moment ?
    I had started a social institution investing 25 lacks. But I could not manage it alone. The people recruited dumped me to a large extent and did a lot of illegal things. I was the chief and so I suffered a lot of humiliation. This all happened 1 year ago and I get upset even of thinking about that event.

Remedy for Chronic Renal Failure


  • Ambitious
  • Egotic
  • Theorising
  • Revolutionary
  • Honour wounded
  • Fastidious
  • Quarrelsome
  • social
  • Hot.
  • Desire : Sweets, sour
  • Desire cold water
  • > Open air
  • (Lt) sided
  • Skin - itching in groins
  • Bladder : fullness sensation of

Remedy Selected : SULPHUR 30


Being from a remote area, he could manage to visit for the followup after every month. The first improvement was seen in the second month when he could urinate satisfactorily without any pain in bladder region. His swelling disappeared gradually. And the creatinine - urea level remained within the accepted range!

In January 2006, his
Creatinine : 1.9 mg/dl.
Urea : 54 mg/dl.

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