Social Responsibility Seminar At Andheri, Mumbai on 26th June 2011

Seminar At Andheri, Mumbai on 26th June 2011

 Response :
  • In the first 2-3 months within one dose, the convulsive attacks reduced almost to 50%
  • Gradual improvement in all his complaints could be seen.
  • After 4-5 months, we saw him balancing himself and walking without support.
  • Stammering speech was reduced.
  • His CT Scan which had previously showed Sclerotic Bilateral Mastoids as a result of which he had become sensitive to loud noise had declined and now he can bear noise as any other normal person can.
  • Attacks of frequent vomiting have completely stopped.
  • Till date, he didn’t experience even a single attack of convulsion. His intellect and understanding have improved.
  • Now his gait is normal and we can’t make out that he suffered from all these complaints.

The seminar was a huge success.!!!

The organizers were very much impressed with Dr. Amar D. Nikam’s ability.

We are happy to report that a process of tie-up with this Organization is in progress.

The uses of our website can shortly expect a detailed announcement about the same.

Forthcoming Attractions:
  • A book on ‘Modalities’.
  • A DVD on the exclusive methodology of Dr. Nikam with 100’s of case details and explanation of each step.
  • Software on ‘Thermal Materia Medica and Miasm’.
  • Dr. Nikam’s visits abroad for teaching purpose.

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