seminar Nashik Seminar in Feb 2017

Nashik Seminar in Feb 2017

It was really a great experience @2nd International Cancer Conference 24 to 26 Feb 2017 at City center Mall, Nashik.
Dr. Nikam Sir presented a case of Craniopharyngioma (Pituitary gland tumour)
With detail Case taking and explanation about Classical Approach towards cancer case. 
He also explained How 30 potency and single dose acts in cancer and other Irreversible pathophysiological cases with minimum repetition..........
Dr. Manish Nikam explained about Aaditya Homeopathic Hospital, Mission Homoeopathy Organization and various activities conducted at Aaditya Hospital..........
Dr. Balkrishna Gaikwad (Vice President MCH)
Share his experience about Dr. Nikam sir's Classical Homeopathy practice and Aaditya Homeopathic Hospital......!!! Why one should visit Dr. Nikam Sir's Aaditya Hospital?????
Dr. Mukesh Musale explain and narrate Dr. Nikam Sir's case of Craniopharyngioma with Classical Approach and pathophysiology. In detail with before and after improvement with Video presentation......
Dr. Motiwala sir share his experience about Aaditya Homeopathic Hospital visit with NABH members and surgeons......
Many Homeopathic physicians, students and speakers were really impressed by Dr. Nikam Sir's cured case of Craniopharyngioma....


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