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Students of surat Homoeopathic medical college named "Chandravatiben Dhansukhlal Pachchigar collage of Homoeopathic Medicine and Hospital choose #Homoeopathy to be their #valentine as they visited Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital on 14.02.2017.
      The team of Doctors  and staff headed by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam Sir and family welcomed the teachers and students of surat Homoeopathic medical college. This was followed by a brief inaugural event; including the garland offering to the statue and photography of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and Dr. D. V. Nikam, Dr. Manish Nikam introduced the students to the brief history and Framework of Aditya Homoeopathic hospital. The student’s were then guided by senior doctor’s and interns from hospital for IPD rounds. Students were fascinated after witnessing miraculous results of classical homoeopathy including ‘n’ number of gross pathological cases like CRF, CKD, IHD, Cancer, etc.
    The post- lunch session was comprised of case presentation. It was a case of 33 years old female with AIDS (RVD). She had been left hopeless after all modern medications had failed to relieve her sufferings; but a single homoeopathic similimum (Merc-Iod-Rubr. 30) restored her sickness and she is carring her life in a healthy way till Today!
    This was followed by a “Q & A session” of students with Dr. Amarsinha Nikam sir; during which he revealed the secrets behind the inspiration to build such a big Homoeopathic hospital; his road towards classical homoeopathy and many interesting stories. The teachers and students expressed their gratitude.
     At the end, all the students has a photo session with Dr. Nikam and family. They had a deep sense of satisfaction on their face; Inspiration in their mind and aspiration to practice #classical #homoeopathy as they were going back…
DrAmarsinha Nikam, Vijay Nikam, Suchi Nikam, Manish Nikam, Sudha Nikam, Tasneem Azad, Ayesha Shaikh,

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