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Bharti vidyapeeth Interns Vis
Interns of Bharti vidyapeeth Medical College had great live experience of classical homoeopathy  Dr Amarsinha Nikam sirs *Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital* on Friday 22nd December 2017
Team of 70+ Interns reached @ Aditya Hom Hospital Pimpri on Friday. Surprised by seeing a huge 7 floors buiding with 100+ beds itself aroused curiosity in there mind. All were eager to know how such a huge hospital managed Only with classical homoeopathy.
Dr Manish Nikam given brief introduction about Dr Nikam sir's full life dedication to classical homoeopathy.
Aditya senior Doctor team  took students to hosp round of all wards & even ICU. Watching patients with gross pathologies Live was simply amazing experience to all students. Patients with wide range  were seen to be admitted & getting improved Without any surgery, Injections & saline..!!
Dr Amarsinha Nikam Sir explained One very interesting case which given life long inspiration to all Interns.







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